Define a powerful operating model

Information Factory combines business and technology and provides respective expertise and modern tools for operations.

Results of Operational Excellence projects include

The processes and activities along the value chain are defined and are continuously brought to perfection using OPEX methodologies – globally, regionally, locally.

As a basic principle, processes and activities are data-driven and client-centric, i.e. tailored to client needs and satisfaction, end-to-end.

Data analytics, client experience and client journey analysis are used to understand customers.

Industrialized and automated processes increase economies of scale and optimise processing times, cost positions and output qualities.

OPEX is controlled by specific KPIs, which also track levels of digitisation.

The operating model

  • connects strategy and operations and explains how value is generated,
  • describes processes, technologies and organisations (people),
  • involves the strategy dimensions, the service model and governance,
  • solves the trade-off between group-wide standards and local market specifics

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